Drainolith debut music video / announces tour with Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) [News]

October 21, 2011
From the deep tundra of Canada arises a beast of epic negative proportions. A god of glaciers, moving with slow, deliberate motions. It is known as Drainolith. It is also known as the solo project of Alex Moskos, guitarist of AIDS Wolf. This is by no means the frantic bombardment he explores in the group setting though. By comparison, it is just a whisper, refined and patient. Drainolith is the ancient evil, so confident in its eternal nature that it can take all the time in the world.
Drainolith’s debut music video, “Lasalle Walks Out”, meditates on barren landscapes. Something is lurking just beneath the surface, but it is possible to catch it? Directed by Angie Meng, the video is an atmospheric that highlights the mystery in Drainolith’s lyrics. A voice that tells you it speaks no languages. A breathless language from before nature itself. 
Drainolith “Lasalle Walks Out” from Angie Meng on Vimeo.
Drainolith will tour the US with Nate Young (Member of Wolf Eyes) this November/December. For list of dates, a Drainolith mp3, photos, and more, please visit:

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