Appetite – Scattered, Smothered, Covered [Album Review]

October 15, 2011
This summer, On August 16th to be precise, a stand out album was released on Crossbill Records. A fear is that this release has still yet to reach so many. The advantage of this fear is that still so many will discover this effort and not only become besotted by it but also be inspired. The release reaches out and provides such emotion in a boundary breaking deliverance. Appetite’s Scattered, Smothered, Covered is the stand out album which is a must hear.

Teddy Briggs is the man behind the powerful Appetite, an experimental singer songwriter who is also known for his involvements in bands such as What’s Up?, Boss the Big Bit and Ellie Fortune. Teddy under the moniker Appetite has indulged in a clever solo creation and produced a quirky refreshing and truly substantial release.

The Sacramento based artist  has said that he chose his musical moniker because he thinks ‘A lot of people, myself included, are hungry for things they can’t even name. Or hungry for things they think they need, which they already have. I think that’s a running theme in my songs’. 

The stripped down 10 track album which was recorded in 5 days at Hangar Studios, is compressed with ample diversity and projects Biggs’ abilities in the fact all instruments on the record are played by him.

As previously stated this is a boundary breaking, genre fusing complex and a very maturerelease. Warn Me, Right  commences the collection of compositions varying in character throughout. The track has an Animal Collective esque feel due to its tropical attributions combined with the electronic pop ambiance. A lustrous single with melancholy repetitive lyrics. Although boasting a down tempo factor to the orchestration the track itself is uplifting. Its soft yet energetic. Home to a strong use of Marimba this somewhat fruity single is enticing with its hypnotic appeal. The track is stated to catch Briggs’ at his breeziest.

Briggs’  vocal attributes is not only impressive but also engaging. Throughout- his vocal range is styled on sentences running on. Continuous compelling lyrical range rarely stopping for breaks. All of which successfully looped during each track. Overlapping his lyrics added with the changing instrumentation creates the mentioned hypnotic essence which aides the capturing and repetitive release.

Molecules follows immediately with a congregation of synth lines. The repeated synth; builds up the sound which is accompanied by harmonious ‘ooohs and ahhs’ a soft touch to a sharp rich single.
Tussy is intelligibly incredible. The use of layering his projected sound as so commonly found in this release is put to best use for this single. Once more layering the orchestration with added riffs and hooks here and there joined with the enveloping lyrics. All these fusing sounds smashing together at force battling to be distinguished from the rest. A catchy and fulfilling pop movement. An underlying dense drowning sound progresses the track further aided with heavy drums. Described as ‘A mess of angst ideas tied up in abstract ways of delivering them.’
Little While is a sweeping arrangement softening the atmosphere from previous tracks which do display a lot more rapacious energy.  
However the mellow flow isn’t a permanent direction as the release quickly and abruptly moves into a heavier escapade with X-File, this track engages Raconteurs style heavy and dense beats which progress the track into a deeper element.
It’s the final track on the effort which portrays beauty and justifies why this is album is a must hear. The beautiful effort found in Over Food . A reflective emotive ballad offering a heartfelt climax. The soothing single provides a lulling deliverance aiding that hypnotic backbone so vivid throughout each tracks transition. 

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