AIDS Wolf: Ma vie banale avant-garde Out Now

October 4, 2011
 Back in September we featured the pre-order details for AIDS Wolf’s new album, which is out now on Lovepump United Records.

Montreal’s AIDS Wolf are very proud to announce the release of their fourth lp and first double lp, titled Ma vie banale avant-garde on October 4th, 2011. The album was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA and produced by AIDS Wolf.

The corpus of songs recorded for the album were written over the course of a year as the band shifted from its more formal work to a sound more focused on polyrhythm and flowing, elastic tempos. Fields of dissonant guitar and demented, lurching tempos, on further listens, give way to pixelated pop forms albeit with a detuned loner dinosaur in its spotlight. There’s no denying that the re-energized trio sounds like a whole new band on Ma vie banale avant-garde.

In AIDS Wolf’s compositional approach the band “learns its mistakes”, composing songs by learning improvised passages off blown out cassette tapes recorded on a trusty GE tape portable device. Aiming to dampen the repetition endemic in most music, AIDS Wolf adds elements of chance and non-repetitive phrasing. Songs evolve organically and seem to continue to evolve even after having been “Fixed” on record.

In this frame AIDS Wolf remains devoted to forwarding and refining their musical vision; seeking new musical challenges for themselves as artists and for their audience.

AIDS Wolf have always brought a fine art vision to their take onnoise. With their fourth album, ‘Ma vie banale avant-garde,’
AIDS Wolf have refined this vision far beyond any of their previous work. Of course, bleeding edge experimental music that challenges both artist and audience is definitely the road less taken.

‘Ma vie banale avant-garde’  is out now (Oct 4th) on Lovepump United in double LP format.

Track List

  • Heaps of Sour Earth
  • No Females on Board
  • Despair Ritual
  • Cinq à sept
  • Wings of Inertia
  • Nothing But a Tape Recorder

  • Like PSHTS of Aerosol
  • Volunteer Decoys
  • Le cercle des ratés
  • I’ve had such an acrid taste in my throat
  • What’s an aphid?
  • London’s not like back home

  • Child of Wind, Creature of Dust
  • Why bother?
  • Pop a Candy Drop
  • Subconscious Snacks on Ha Ha
  • Self-defence Is Moral Dentistry
  • Breeding Grounds Are Burial Mounds

  • Chippers Takes a Sip
  • Please hold the line
  • The wise have no use for wisdom anymore
  • Born Dead
  • An Honest Miracle/Mistake
  • Snuffed Out Dreams
Get the LP now via Lovepump HERE.  

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