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Talkdemonic- Revival [Single Stream and Free Download]

September 20, 2011

Glacal Pace recently announced Talkdemonic’s new home with the label.

Portland, Oregon duo Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro create lush and evocative instrumental soundscapes under the name Talkdemonic. Formed in 2003, Talkdemonic began as Kevin’s pursuit for new frontiers in percussion and analog sound. Lisa joined Kevin shortly thereafter, further shaping Talkdemonic’s innovative style with her rich viola and cello arrangements. Talkdemonic released their 2004 darling début Mutiny Sunshine on Lucky Madison Records. In 2006, Kevin and Lisa went on to sign with Arena Rock Recording Co., releasing both Beat Romantic and Eyes At Half Mast, and garnering critical attention for their ability to pioneer the marriage of strings with unyieldingly strong percussion and inescapable harmony.

At times impetuous yet palliative, Talkdemonic’s sound captures the universally intangible, what we wish we to say but cannot find words, a surge and a calm, instrumental modern music at its finest.

Talkdemonic finds themselves either touring the country or nesting in the Pacific Northwest, creating arresting music for the masses. Their fourth and perhaps most inventive album is scheduled for release in 2011.

Ruins, the forthcoming LP from Portland folkscape duo Talkdemonic is due out October 4th on Isaac Brock’s label.
You can download Talkdemonic’s track Revival taken from the release below-


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