Mr. Maps – Wire Empire Vinyl + Remix Album [News]

September 10, 2011

Elleni Toumpas –
Back in June we Introduced you to Mr. Maps.
The five piece instrumental dynamic post math rock band hailing from Brisbane, Australia.
Mr Maps consists of Musicians:

Chris Perren -Guitar, Electronics
Andrew White -Bass guitar
Briony Luttrell -Cello, Electronics
Jac Hicks -Drums
Mitch Knox -Keyboard

Mr. Maps make instrumental music drawing from math-rock, post-rock, electronic and minimalist influences. The band released their debut album Wire Empire in 2011, an epic instrumental journey of angular guitar/bass/drum grooves laden with lush cello & keys, spanning the range between delicate and brutal. The result of more than a year’s worth of production, it was tracked with Steve Bartlett, mixed and co-produced by Joss Rigby and Andrei Maberley, and mastered in New York by Scott Hull. Critics described it as ”a creative triumph and proof that Brisbane collectives can make compelling, world-class instrumental music” (Rave) and “an intelligent, nuanced post-rock masterpiece” (M&N

 After featuring their debut, which is streaming again below, Mr. Maps now plan to release the album on our favourite format, Vinyl, accompanied by a remix CD, Listen to Wire Empire-
Mr. Maps – Wire Empire by lofly recordings

Wire Empire will be pressed to high-quality 12″ white vinyl, inside gorgeous packaging featuring artwork by Neil Taylor and design by Anna Harris. This epic and bold math-rock opus will finally be available in a format that is not only a limited edition collectable, but affords the natural and immersive listening experience that only vinyl can provide.
To make this happen, as we’ve previously featured funding of the sort, Mr. Maps are turning to you for pledges.

If this happens- Inside the package, you also get an exclusive album of previously unreleased remixes, featuring artists such as Hunz, Underlapper, Collarbones, Tara Simmons and Subsea revisioning, contorting, smashing, and generally having their way with tracks from Wire Empire.

To find out more about their goal and making this happen, visit their page HERE.
Get closer to the band here. 
Or follow them on tumblr here. 

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