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Introducing Mother Night

September 3, 2011
Introducing Mother Night.
A three piece hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Made up of- Alexander J. Butters, Joshua Lemaire, Joel Jason.
To date they’ve previously released their 2010 7 Track titled “Extinct Dialects” on Limbus Infantus Records. The beginning of this year the trio released Communistress Demo and last month saw the light of day for their new album “Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper”.
The 11 track album is streaming below and available as a free download.
1. B. Parking Structure Planet 01:35
2. Bronanza Bus Lines 03:10
3. Go Go Gadget Guacamole 01:48
4. Orb Weaver 03:57
5. to Mata Hari 01:53
6. Miscreant 03:24
7. No Princess Left to Save 02:39
8. A Song About Wolverines Fucking Up Your Day 04:05
9. the Whale and the Wasp 01:26
10. Communistress 03:15
11. A. Cartwheel Buffalo 01:10
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