In Pictures: Zebedy Rays @ The Marrs Bar

September 3, 2011
Oli Montez
Oli Montez
Oli Montez

Throughout the year we’ve kept you closer to Zebedy Rays. Featured their tours, festival appearances, bbc sessions, releases and competitions. 
On Saturday August 13th the band had one last local show to play.
As the Rays’ Adam has now set off to Austrailia until the New Year, the three had one last local show of the year until they are reunited in a matter of months and back in action.

Playing where it all began, The Marrs Bar in Worcester was the backdrop for a very fitting send off.

Another incredible night put on by the trio. And only a few weeks since their show, a silence has fallen. 

We can’t wait for their return and for what 2012 has to offer.

To see the entire set click here-

Zebedy Rays 13th August by Oli Montez

OR get more from the Rays at their links- 

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