Colourmusic- Yes! [Single Review]

September 17, 2011
Colourmusic – Yes!
Memphis industries

The worlds first ever Yorkshire/Oklahoma based band. Colourmusic have a reputable following and a somewhat colourful past to their repertoire.

The band formed over a period of years, having met on a commune just outside Oklahoma City, Ryan Hendrix and Nick Turner (That representing Yorkshire) established their musical influences and love and combined efforts to create something unique, bringing in Nick Ley and Colin Fleishacker the quintet have a reputation of providing legendary shows since their formation in 2007. This reputation has excelled itself in such incidents as inviting audience members to shave the musicians hair on stage, changing their outfits constantly throughout their set. Inviting audience members to paint them in emulsion, faking the death of Nick Turner; replete with real coffin and an interview with God?! And during all of this mayhem that’s surrounded their performance front man Ryan has become a near cult leader.
So from their curious live motions which have gained them a solid fan base, this is all inspired from their orchestrations and creativity between the four men. Reflected in their releases.

This year the four toured the UK with regularly featured Worcester based talent Zebedy Rays, a trio pushing their abilities and creativity to every level they can reach. Both bands together offering a live performance not to have missed out on.
Colourmusic touring and crediting their album release found in My___Is Pink! A 12 track concept album.  The single Yes! is taken from that album. 

Yes! is simply an uplifting composition from the bands effort. 3 minutes 48 seconds of grittiness, filth and damaging distortion, still showcasing compelling musicianship.
The single begins with an instant escapade of fuzz. Drowning in such forceful depth, low end dirty bass distortion shifts the single. Kicked into this propelling distortion delivered by a two note bass line which is present throughout. Fast paced pounding drums which progress the tracks manor of which in keeping with the fuzzed out guitar. Hendrix provides contagious lyrics that are repetitive but relentless none the less. This repetition and the overall rhythmic deliverance culminates into an anthem-like accomplishment. The title truly fitting the arrangement. The arrangement fitting their notoriety. A strong and bold release.

Colourmusic – Yes! by memphisindustries

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