65daysofstatic’s Paul Wolinski releases debut LP ‘Labyrinths’ [News]

September 18, 2011
Paul Wolinski, of 65DaysofStatic fame, releases his solo album Labyrinths on October 31.
The album’s tone is set with the John Carpenter-esque 1985-Quest, which explodes into a glorious wall of lush synths and distorted snares before establishing the towering melodies which snake and writhe throughout.
Robot voices struggle to be heard above the towering pad layers of Stitches, but never without the pulse, the beat, the drive, and the concise attention to arrangement that comes with listening to too much pop music.
Tangents takes each one of these ideas and fractures them into a billion cathedrals of noise over a relentless punching beat. By the time we reach Still Looking the pulse quickens – this is feet on the floor 4/4, this is all those moments, those nights of abandon, those mid-week regrets.
But it is in the second half of the record that we truly reach deep space. Like Fireflies – like robots navigating unknown landscapes searching for lost cyborg lovers while the universe implodes, like music is music is music.
The epic Kressyda sets Glass-like piano motifs against bludgeoning square wave rhythms that truly display Polinski’s ability to craft beats of merciless intention, prodigal immediacy and sublime invention. You’d want to see him go head to head with Howlett.
On closer A Waltz Of Light, the tide turns, and we are left on the edge of the water, gazing backwards to what came before us, the needle in the groove, the retrograde dynamics orbiting a fixed point somewhere down in the depths as they spin finally out from an imploding piano line, where we catch just the faintest light of the faintest pulse, a dying star.
Even in the thickest analogue bubblebath, the digital heart beats on. 
LABYRINTHS from polinski on Vimeo.
POLINSKI – LABYRINTHS teaser mix. A slice of the debut album from Paul Wolinski of 65daysofstatic.

UK/EUROPE release: 31st October Monotreme Records.
USA release: 7th November on Monotreme Records.

To download this mix, check it out on soundcloud:​polinski

For more information & to pre-orders, please visit

For everything else, go here: //​polinski

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