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August 11, 2011
 Sleeping Bag’s self-titled debut is out today from Joyful Noise Recordings on the following formats: Cd, 12″ Record, Mp3 and Sleeping bag. Yes, Sleeping Bag is releasing a limited edition, hand-screened sleeping bag that’s coupled with a download of the album. 
 Next up, the three gentlemen of Sleeping Bag are hitting the open road in support of the new album and one should expect parties to break out from the Midwest all the way to the Eastern Seaboard. Those tour dates can be found at our previous report here or featured again below-
The band recently shared the second single, “Beside,” as a free download and it’s another instant classic. If you’ve yet to experience the addictive, hook-laden melodies of Sleeping Bag, let me fix that asap. 
Download, post, blog or podcast “Beside”!
Press photos, bio, links, and more at the Sleeping Bag artist page

Tour dates:

08.11.11 – Champaign/Urbana @ The Canopy Club
08.13.11 – Detroit, MI @ The Majestic (Fucking Awesome Fest)
08.14.11 – Fort Wayne @ The Brass Rail
08.15.11 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
08.16.11 – Providence, RI @ TBA
08.17.11 – Manhattan, NY @ The Cake Shop
08.18.11 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
08.19.11 – Baltimore, MA @ TBA
08.20.11 – Washington, DC @ House Show
08.21.11 – Charlotte, NC @ House Show
08.22.11 – Savannah, GA @ The Sentient Bean
08.23.11 – Athens, GA @ farm255
08.24.11 – Atlanta, GA @ TBA
08.25.11 – Knoxville, TN @ TBA
08.26.11 – Indianapolis, IN @ White Rabbit (Album Release Show!)
08.27.11 – Bloomington, IN @ the Bishop (Album Release Show!)

Album Tracklisting:

  1. Slime
  2. Sunroom
  3. Rental
  4. Acer
  5. Beside
  6. Desker
  7. Minus
  8. Ben
  9. Someone
  10. Scone Zone
  11. Another Time
Get Yours Here. 
More info:
Addictive melodies, deadpan delivery, jaunts of balls-out rocking, and minimalist tact characterize the power-pop gems on Sleeping Bag’s s/t debut. These are songs that, for as streamlined and basic as they seem, gain value with each repeated listen. Simplicity is their asset.

Based in Bloomington Indiana, Sleeping Bag began as Dave Segedy’s solo drum project (then called “Whoa Bro Awesome”). Segedy started flirting with melody and was joined by Lewis Rogers on guitar and David Woodruff on bass, two front-men singers in their own right. Dave Segedy remains the group’s songwriter and primary vocalist. Yes, the drummer writes and sings all the songs, imagine that!

Sleeping Bag makes good use of the palette of 90s indie rock. Some hear Steven Malkmus in Segedy’s delivery, while Segedy champions Polaris (yep, that band from Pete and Pete) as a primary influence. Nostalgia is at work here, but the songs can’t be pigeonholed as throwback. They really sink in around the third or fourth spin, and it’s easy to get there.

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