Bearcubbin'(are back)- Get Your Heavies Out EP [Feature]

August 7, 2011

 One year ago when Circuit Sweet was just expanding into new terroritories- we featured and had our first interview with Chris Scott of Bearcubbin’. 
After discovering the band we featured both their Live At The Bear Trap album and Jewels and the Wall Walkers/Bearcubbin’ Split EP before announcing with regret that Bearcubbin were no more.
Keeping in touch with Musician Chris we later featured his other outfit The Jezebel Spirit you can read that interview here.
Today we bring you both good and bad news.
The Jezebel Spirit is now defunct but they did record the material they previously mentioned and plans to have that uploaded onto their bandcamp as a free download will be featured here in due course.
The good news is Bearcubbin have defeated the odds and have returned much to our delight with a brand new fantastic EP.

Started in the wake of The Jezebel Spirit and Moses Smell the Roses break ups/ hiatuses. A quick album full length album followed called “Live from the Bear Trap”. Then a split with Jewels and the Wall Walkers called “BearWalkers Split” that saw the demise of the band for a time. We then reformed again in a a few months and have written a new EP with some vocals called “Get Your Heavies Out”.
“Get Your Heavies Out”
1.  Double Decker Doug Doogleson
2.  Good Job, Fat Dracula
3.  Tea Party For My Friends
4.  Good Job, Fat Dracula (Instrumental)

The new heaviness of Bearcubbin’!. We wanted to try writing something more in the vein of These Arms are Snakes and Young Widows and leave alot of the looping aside. It turned out amazingly well.

Released 06 August 2011
Chris Scott: Guitars, Keyboards, Voice, Yelps, Samples
Mike Byrne: Drums, Voice
James Krutcher: Bass

Recorded by Chris Scott in June 2011 @ Bongo Fury Studios and in his home in Beaverton

Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Hawkes

Streaming below via their bandcamp you can download the EP for free or as a name your price and help the musicians.

Step one: Get the new Bearcubbin’! EP (Buy physical copy or download for free) Step Two: Build your own origami bear. 
Step Three: ‘Get Your Heavies Out’!

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