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Rosa Valle [Interview + Live Review Feature]

July 21, 2011
Oli Montez
 After discovering just one track from this band, back in April; we’ve since featured/raved/promoted/loved this Middlesbrough based 4-piece Rosa Valle.
It was recently announced and reported that their debut EP will be released via Holy Roar Records and Big Scary Monsters, on August 22nd on one sided 12” and on CD.
Described as a band for fans of: Rolo Tomassi, Blakfish, Brontide, Shapes, Tubelord and Maths.

Loving what we had discovered, at the beginning of July, Circuit Sweet travelled to Birmingham to finally witness what this ever-growing, unstoppable band can give out live.

Rosa Valle:
Neil McClusky- Guitar
Daniel Huddlestone- Guitar/vocals
Kamil Peyas- Bass
Alex Mcreynolds- Drums

Oli Montez
 The Adam and Eve- a Birmingham based pub, opened its doors on a dull and drizzly Wednesday evening to welcome Human Hands and Rosa Valle to its setting, thanks to Kidd Records. July 6th heightened a talent to the city; whose name and importantly, abilities; are hastily gathering hype and recognition.
Oli Montez
 Currently submersed into a very powerful support supplement, Rosa Valle returned their recorded sound effortlessly yet passionately through their live performance. Headlining a set which truly did leave you wanting more. 
Oli Montez
The intricate set in its entirety was complex, compelling, challenging and contagious.
 From the beginning, these motives were respectfully carried via
vibrant shreds, infectious loops and escalating beats progressed this prog based synthesis into so much more. Creating voluminous and warm reverberation elevated with the experimental drive. 
 Surges of a vast range of both disco beats and crashing rhythms entwined with the somersaulting riffs and technical aptitude from such focused musicians left the crowd in no doubt as to why they’ve rapidly been picked up by notorious home-grown label(s).
 Playing recognised tracks such as “Mathemagician”- as featured on BSM’s recent compilation- and a track noted throughout the scene, was captured with a sheer harmonious innocence for such a soaring arrangement.
Heavy technicalities, intense orchestrations, screams and deep interludes wistfully moved their set into a startling finale.
Again noting the need to hear more, this band have the ability to draw you in and spit you out when you least expect.
Their influences and arrangements within their tracks, offer a more intensive deliverance compared to similar bands. Multiple changes in tones and loops throughout each segmentation are continuously present. Rosa Valle still maintain a close relationship and transition from their Recorded material to that of their live, achieving what bands with years on them work so hard to do.
Oli Montez

We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with both Neil and Daniel of Rosa Valle to find out more on them, their influences, music, their recent signing and where they aspire to be.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to be involved with us.
  • You are quite a young band and being prided on your youth but how long has Rosa Valle really been established?

– Well, we’ve all been playing in bands since we were around 14/15, but we came together as the Rosa Valle we are today in around May 2010.
Oli Montez
  • Described as “Four Piece Math Mosh band”- What are your collective influences that shine through in your work?
– Coheed and Cambria, The Fall of Troy, Mastodon are three of our favourite bands who have influenced us loads.
  • If you could style yourself on one iconic band or artist who would it be and why?
– Jimi Hendrix, so that we could set all of our instruments on fire then die from drug related incidents.
  • Right now what is Rosa’s main goal?
– Right at this very second, our main goal is to finish drawing custom artwork on 300 vinyls.

You’ve just finished a string of live dates when we managed to catch you
Tell us more regarding Rosa on the road-

  • Describe what you think you each bring to your live performances, sell your show.
– We try to convey the sound of our CD across into our live performance as much as possible, rather than jump around a lot we tend to concentrate really hard on playing our instruments so that we don’t make lots of mistakes and sound like a cat in a blender.
    Oli Montez
  • What is it that you personally get from your performance?
– We’d much rather play a gig to 20 people who are really digging it and enjoy it, over playing to a huge crowd who don’t really care that much about your music. It’s an amazing feeling having one or two people come up after we play and tell us how much they liked it, it means a lot to us.
  • How would you describe the reception to your presence?
– I think because of the way we look and how young we are, it makes us kinda nervous before we play, people don’t usually expect us to be playing this sort of music, but the reception has always been really positive.
  • The strangest venue/atmosphere played too to date.
– At the beginning of June, we played Intro festival in Middlesbrough

As previously mentioned your EP titled “Holy Bermuda” is set for release next month via two notorious British labels.

  • Enlighten us on your writing process, do certain members have their own roles within material making.
– We pretty much take our favourite parts from our favourite bands and put them all together as one.
  • Is the EP done? If so tell us of your recording process/studio/gear/ etc.
– We actually recorded the EP in September/October of 2010. We went down to Barnsley to record with Jason Sanderson. It took us a week in total to record, spread over about 3 weeks.
 It was a weird experience recording with someone who has done some of our favourite records, we learnt a lot from him and he really helped shape the sound of the EP.
  • Has your complete compositions captured the visions you held?
– When we were writing the songs in a sweaty garage over the summer of 2010, we didn’t have any plans to release it. We were getting in touch with studios to see if anyone had free time and Jason was the guy we wanted to go to the most and it turned out he had studio time available. 
The EP sounds 1000x better than we ever imagined it would as we were writing it.
  • How did signing to Holy Roar and Big Scary Monsters come about? And how has it already aided you?
– While we were recording the EP, we were joking about sending it across to Holy Roar and BSM, just to see if we could get any feedback from it since we’ve been following those labels since we were in school. After we got the final masters back, we emailed the EP to Kev (BSM) and he got back to us and asked if he could use the track Mathemagician to be the first song on his ’11 Collection. We were over the moon when we heard that he liked our music. Then on March 3rd we played a last minute show with Pariso (Alex HR’s band) in Middlesbrough. He’d heard our track on the ’11 collection and stuck around to watch us play. Then afterwards we gave him a CD with the EP on and I guess the rest is history. 
 It’s been pretty surreal for us after following and loving the labels so much, it’s crazy to think that those guys like our music enough to put it out. It’s helped us gain a lot of attention, given us a chance to play more gigs and have more people hear our music.
  • Finally- Obviously waiting for the 22nd but what else are you looking forward too, what can we get from you in the future and what are you hoping to achieve from Valle?
– We’ve been offered tours/gigs with bands that we’ve looked up to and respected for a long time, so we’re really excited about that. Hopefully with our EP coming out we want to tour as much as possible over the next few months, and maybe by this time next year have an album written/recorded.

Get your free download here-

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We will check back in when their EP is released this August. 

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