PILOTS – Our Taxidermic Tongues REMIXED [Feature]

July 13, 2011
PILOTS are a regularly featured band here at Circuit Sweet. Providing a fast moving, melodic, indie rock embrace. Mid way through the year they’ve turned themselves around.
We’re a new band.
Well, kind of at least.
Two left, two joined.

PILOTS. are starting over.

But to cut a clean slate you have to leave the past behind.

So here is Our Taxidemic Tongues – REMIXED.
One last time: play the old songs – celebrate them.

Our Taxidemic Tongues – REMIXED will be released as a limited edition tape by Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records (DE) on July 15th 2011.

If you don’t get your hands on one of the rare tapes, a digital EP featuring
PILOTS. five most favourite remixes can be downloaded at bandcamp for free.

PILOTS. debut album will follow later this year. Stay excited.


The Remixed EP is streaming at Pilots bandcamp here-

Or you can stream the tracks via Pilots soundcloud- 

Rewatch the Masquerade video here-

Pilots. – Masquerade (Official Video) from wearepilotsyouarenot on Vimeo.
Or check out the bands youtube channel at- 

Revisit our January interview with Hannes Here. 

Pilots – Our Taxidermic Tongues REMIXED Tape 

Our favorite Austro-Indie Band brought 13 Remixes of their 4 Track EP “Our Taxidermic Tongues” and we got them on Tape. It comes with an “Turn around Cover” so you can descide wich one you might like better. Including Download Code. Limited to 60 pcs.
Get yours here.- http://www.goatreich.com/marcellosshop/product_info.php?info=p29_pilots—our-taxidermic-tongues-remixed-tape.html



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