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Introducing Smallhouse

July 25, 2011

Introducing Smallhouse.

The duo hail from Bowling Green, KY and consist of Allen Hartley on Drums and Cody Huffine on guitar and supplying vocals.
Originally a four piece, Smallhouse prove a two man band means nothing to the full sounding sound.
On the 9th June of this year the band released their first demo titled The Sammy EP.
Recorded and produced by Rory Willis at Greyskull Recordings
Album Art by Tressa Tullis

Listen to their 5 track EP streaming below via their bandcamp.
You can download this EP for free or send as much money to the band as you wish in a Name your price offer.

You can also get a physical copy thanks to Stay Still Records-
The first Stay Still release, this is the effort of Kentucky two-piece Smallhouse. All packaging is hand-done: stenciled, airbrushed, sewn. Image shows package front, CD in sleeve, and package back.


1- Let’s Be Good, Okay.
2- Friends don’t Let Friends have Friends.
3- Bring Petey
4- Fortress
5- What’s in Kansas?
Get More-
Stay Still Records– The aim of this label is to organize good punk, math, emo, and noise bands across the country, raise money and gain resources to produce quality music and release it on formats that would otherwise be too expensive for these great musicians. We will also be distributing and selling these releases to generate revenue for more and more releases.

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