Efterklang- 4AD Live Session

July 2, 2011

The 4AD Sessions are an ongoing series of video recordings with various acts from the label’s roster. Following on from the Deerhunter session at the Studio Plateaux on Platts Eyott island in 2008, the recordings will see 4AD artists performing back-catalogue covers and alternative versions of their own material.
Efterklang’s Magic Chairs is the Copenhagen-based outfit’s debut record for 4AD and third full-length in total. With the likes of ‘Modern Drift’, with its intricate and looping arpeggios, and ‘I Was Playing Drums’, arguably the band’s most accessible pop song to date, it is an album that is a bold as it is bewitching.

“We shot the videos in VEGA, our favourite venue in Copenhagen with a small room called Lille VEGA and a bigger called Store VEGA. We are on the floor of Store Vega in a circle (this is where all good bands play in Copenhagen – TV on the Radio, Bon Iver, The National and many other 4AD bands have played here recently).
We will play live in the same room on April 17th when our tour swings by our hometown. VEGA is from the ’50s and it is a protected and historical building. It is beautiful and the music they promote is also beautiful.
We wanted to document our live band, and unlike the very popular intimate and acoustic sessions we do so often these days, we wanted to play live for full power. That’s the concept – the session gives you Efterklang as we would perform live on a stage, not Efterklang performing live with an acoustic guitar and two spoons (although we also like that format).
We wanted to shoot without an audience and therefore the idea about the circle was very appealing. We could play for each other and together. Like in our rehearsal space, but much much better and in a more beautiful space!”

Magic Chairs

by Efterklang

Released: 22nd February 2010
Order from: Rough Trade / iTunes
For more on Efterklang head to the 4AD page.


  • Camera: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard and Stuart Ward
  • Lighting: Jonathan Go-ma
  • Editor: Stuart Ward
  • Recording and Mixing: Lasse Baunkilde
  • Production: Efterklang and Lasse Baunkilde
  • Director: Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
  • Music Written By: Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen
  • Lyrics: Casper Clausen
  • Design: David Emery

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