The Bronzed Chorus- walletkeys/phonesmokes [Single Stream]

June 28, 2011
Taken from The Bronzed Chorus’ newest release, Gleaning, which is available to preorder now via Hello Sir Records.
 The Bronzed Chorus are Adam Joyce- Guitar and Hunter Allen- Drums, Keys and Atari.
Formed in 2005 between close longtime friends Adam and Brennan O’Brien on drums/keys.
Their first album thurtythurty was self-released in 2007. Which saw numerous live shows and signing to notorious label Hello Sir Records which released I’m The Spring in 2009. With touring musician and good friend Hunter stepping in to become the full time addition.
Listen to single walletkeys/phonesmokes taken from the newest EP below-
 This 4-song EP reveals a tremendous maturity in songwriting. 
1. the morning has gold in its mouth
2. are we not speedwagon?
3. pleiades
4. walletkeys/phonesmokes 
walletkeys/phonesmokes by The Bronzed Chorus
Gleaning set for release August 27, 2011.


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