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SONGS OF FARWELL AND DEPARTURE: A Tribute To HUM Announces Release Date Information

June 30, 2011

Pop Up Records and the entire Hum Tribute Team are thrilled to announce SONGS OF FAREWELL AND DEPARTURE: A TRIBUTE TO HUM, will be arriving in our stratosphere on September 6th 2011 in digital and CD formats.  Digital will be available from all your favorite retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. while the physical copies will be sold via PopUpRecords.com and StickFigureDistro.com.  Pre-Orders begin July 11th, 2011 at PopUpRecords.com so you can guarantee to be one of the first to witness the glory of HUM as provided by some of today’s top bands.
Pop Up Records has assembled a diverse cast of bands to pay tribute to one of the 90’s most beloved space rockers HUM, and there is good reason to be excited.  The release will celebrate the Champaign, IL collective’s all too short career with astounding new takes of classic tracks from some of today’s brightest new and up-and-coming bands.  SONGS OF FAREWELL AND DEPARTURE offers a brilliant look at the near decade long reign of HUM through the eyes of the musicians they influenced including Funeral For A Friend, Junius, The Felix Culpa, City of Ships, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer with J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines), Stomacher, Kellii Scott (Failure) & Eric Gorfain (The Section Quartet), and much more. 

Tracklisting :

1 – Arctic Sleep – The Scientists
2 – (Damn) This Desert Air – The Pod

3 – Solar Powered Sun Destroyer – Stars (feat. J Robbins)
4 – Bearhead  – Ms. Lazarus
5 – Anakin – I’d Like Your Hair Long
6 – Junius – Firehead
7 – Constants – If You Are To Bloom
8 – City of Ships – I Hate It Too
9 – Actors & Actresses – Aphids
10 – Digicide –  Comin’ Home
11 – The Esoteric – Iron Clad Lou
12  –  TENT (Kellii Scott & Eric Gorfain ) – Little Dipper
13 – Stomacher – Why I Like Robins
14 – The Felix Culpa – Puppets
15 – Funeral For A Friend – Green to Me
*DIGITAL ONLY BONUS TRACK:  Alpha Stasis – Scraper
SONGS OF FAREWELL AND DEPARTURE: A TRIBUTE TO HUM is brought to you by a team of likeminded individuals including: Pop Up Records, ExplodingInSound.com, Chancellor Design, HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS Design, and EscapingTheOrdinary.net.  Having all been influenced by HUM themselves, the team is dedicated to the project and all of the bands involved. Pop Up Records are no strangers to paying homage to the icons of the 90’s, as the label released the exceptional The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute to Failure in late 2008.

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