Seven Nines and Tens – ASOHA (Studio Antics) [Video]

June 25, 2011
Our Vancouver Boys in the studio.
Seven Nines and Tens presents a video from our first venture at the notorious Dead Room Studio in Vancouver, BC. Obviously, we had a blast.
This song will be on our upcoming full-length release, summer 2011.

Seven Nines and Tens – ASOHA (Abstruse Standards of Human Aesthetics)

Seven Nines and Tens is composed of:

Dave Cotton: Guitars
Jonathan Holloway: Guitars (unfortunately moved back to the UK after this studio session) Ideal for Circuit Sweet!
Riley Roukema: Drums/Bass
Earl Heath: Bass/Drums

Footage taken and then assembled by Earl Heath and Danielle Marie LeClair
You can stream this single at a previous feature for the band, found here.

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