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Rosa Valle EP Announcement [News+ Free Download]

June 6, 2011
 During the end of April we introduced you to the incredibly talent and very refreshing insane sounds of Rosa Valle. Needing more, our want has finally been answered. 
Quick recap; Rosa Valle are a 4 piece mindmelting math band from Middlesbrough consiting of:
Neil Mclovely – Guitar
Daniel Huddlestone – Guitar/Vocals
Kamil Peyas – Bass
Alex Mcreynolds – Drums
We featured the bands single “Mathmagician” which is a free download available at their previous post here-Circuit Sweet Introducing Rosa Valle.
You can also download the single via mediafire rather than bandcamp, here.
It has been announced that the long due EP by the boys will be released by that of Holy Roar and BSM.

Coming out on August 22nd on one-sided 12” and on CD, fans of Rolo Tomassi, Blakfish, Brontide, Shapes, Maths, We’ll Die Smiling, Tubelord, Antares, Gallops etc etc should find something they love here. This band really are that unique and wide reaching – incredibly catchy intricate tunes that are not afraid to swing from serene to blistering. Impossibly young and impossibly talented, the bare fact that this ep was recorded only a few months after the band formed, is jaw-dropping.
The 22nd can’t come soon enough.
For now get your free single download, the taste it leaves will see you begging for more.


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