LoOmis- Talk Like Whales

June 25, 2011
LoOmis an Experimental Lo Fi Mathy Indie Rock solo recording project hailing from New Orleans.
The sounds from just one man. Patrick Bailey, guitarist for New Orleans based instrumental band Smiley With A Knife. Previously featured A Solitary Attraction his 3rd full length album of which you can download here.
LoOmis is back with Talk Like Whales.
First single of the EP ‘Vellocet’ due out August 2011
You can download for free via LoOmis’ bandcamp, streaming below.
For more info visit loomismusic.com
“Make way for walking giants
Hidden in daylight
Here we are
Taped off in parking lots
A feeding frenzy lost

In silent alleys
We talk like whales
Floating the distance
With ghost-like tails
Bottom feeders

We’re almost all ghost
In haunted homes
Clutching our future tomes
Bottom feeders

It takes time to walk the line
With feathers in our spine
Here we are
Locked up in waiting rooms
All of us in view” 


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