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Introducing Zefs Chasing Cara

June 25, 2011
 Prewarn before this music blows your mind- it is in-fact created by just one person, an enigma of his own creation. Dominic is a one man marvel bringing you his brainchild Zefs Chasing Cara.
Late to the party on this one but an incredible find. His 2010 EP Kneel and You will Lose is streaming here, you can download it for free by clicking the link below.
1. There are two timelines now and in one i would regret not doing this
2. Hurtsz Kerb
3. Bru Hit Him
4. I.Erkan Urkan
5. Cracker Deelosay
Edinburgh based student/artist/musician. 
Complex melodic talented instrumentation.
You can also download ZCC 2009 release I’m Gowing here-
I’m Gowing (2009)

1. don’t meant mend beetles
2. haga goodwings
3. my fossa lodger
4. third of the three great gripping arms
5. yaw kabe broo kabe

copy and paste this:

Here’s hoping there is more to come.

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