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Introducing Absalom Absalom

June 8, 2011

Introducing Absalom Asbsalom and their 2010 4 track EP release A Day Of Death, A Day Of Birth, A Chasing After The Wind.

The five piece hailing from Wilmore KY consist of:
Gideon Maki
Joel Hunter
Stephen Gallutia
Daniel Gallutia
Andrew Foster
Listen to their impressive math rock melodic post whatever compositions streaming below-

These guys are seriously underated, check out thier bandcamp if your loving what you are hearing.

You can get their EP to download or a physical copy at their bandcamp page.

Unique D.I.Y. EP’s

This is 100% the lovechild of our labors, never to be seen again and hopefully a representing expression of our sound and personal selfs.

A Day Of Death, A Day Of Birth, A Chasing After The Wind was Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Justin Bowsher. Released August 14th 2010.

Newer material found on their bandcamp and facebook page found HERE.

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