Circuit Sweet Update.

June 1, 2011
The past few months its been no suprise that with your continuing support we have infact rapidly increased our work load.
Covering various gigs and tours nationwide due to your demand.
But thats not all we do.
The blog brings you Live Sessions, Reviews, Photography, Interviews, Band Features, Videos, Downloads, New Music found in our Introducing posts, a Journal to band Aulos who we work with under this name and lots lots more.
We cater for bands needing more promo, coverage. Our work for you is shared with various mainstream and independant contacts. For a boost, send us an email, small fee applicable. Email Naomi at the address below
Circuit Sweet Media– We also work as gig photographer/Videographer. With work alongside the likes of Castrovalva, These Monsters, Three Trapped Tigers, The Computers, Zebedy Rays and more. Need your queries answered, your promo shoots taken or a music video filmed, contact the Art Director Oli at the address below.
We are expanding and will be featuring more live sessions shortly. With plenty of recognizable acts soon to be featured, we are still remaining to feature local acts too. We live/work/breathe in the industry everyday and our mission is to connect you with the talent we believe deserves more attention, more promotion.
The website will be having a facelift shortly but until then spread the Circuit Sweet Love.

Circuit Sweet-

Band Management. Band Development. Press. Promotion. Love.

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