Battles- Futura. La Blogotheque [Video]

June 2, 2011
Just over a week ago we featured the incredible video of two forces joining together- Battles VS La Blogotheque with a promise to you all another video was just around the corner…
Here it is.
Famed for their Take Away Shows and Les Soirées de Poche series, LA BLOGOTHEQUE have taken on their most ambitious project to date in collaboration with BATTLES.
Watch ‘Futura‘ taken from new album ‘Gloss Drop’ now. The piece was filmed in the historic surroundings of the Salon Georges Bertrand in Paris’ Hôtel de Ville (City Hall), the centre of municipality of France’s capital since 1357.
 Watch the first featured video for “Wall Street” HERE.
Battles | Futura | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.
“We were all exhausted, but the band was dead tired. They were less rigorous, drifting, especially John, struggling with his drumkit despite the fatigue. Playing Futura, that night, was like fighting the beast. Their beast.”
Read the full story :
In English : bhttp://blogotheque.net/​2011/​05/​23/​battles-en
Image by Benjamin Rufi | Charles Cornier | David Ctiborsky | Denis Gaubert | Nat Le Scouarnec
Sound by François Clos | J.B. Aubonnet
Edit by Clémentine Decremps
Mix by J.B. Aubonnet

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