tUnE-yArDs- You Yes You [Yours Truly Video]

May 18, 2011
Yourstru.ly Presents: tUnE-yArDs “You Yes You” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.
Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner are not lovebirds in the sappy sense of the word. You won’t catch them making out at every eye lock, but you might catch that random peck just because. You won’t catch them tuning out the rest of the world for each other – you’ll just find them in tune with each other.

It’s this pillow-soft passion that can only be defined by the moments they share – a comforting rub of the back, a briefly held stare and smile – and it makes them as cute as any couple that may come to mind.

More importantly, the deeply rooted connection between the two of them is solid, like the thickest oak tree. And, it’s because of this connection that Merrill was able to transform tUnE-yArDs from a lo-fi, bedroom, side project into the sound you hear on the stunning W H O K I L L (the sound it was always destined to be). Every vocal flare and every clever, stammering cadence is belted with a confidence that could only stem from a love as strong as that of Merrill and Nate.

In “You Yes You,” she gently, yet assuredly claims that, “If home is where the heart is, baby then my home is inside you.” It’s a simple line, but it perfectly sums up their modest, yet romantic tale.

Watch Merrill and Nate perform the track at New and Improved Studios in Oakland, CA, where tUnE-yArDs and owner/engineer Eli Crews created one of 2011′s best albums, W H O K I L L.

A previously featured act, a full review of W H O K I L L is set to follow and an interview is in the process for now check out this fantastic live video exclusively for you from Yours Truly. 

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