Seven Nines And Tens- Single/Album [News]

May 10, 2011
Single anticipation of the month.
Any hardcore Circuit Sweet followers will be aware of the many posts/features/time we’ve dedicated to Vancouver’s 5 piece post-rock, progressive band Seven Nines and Tens. Last year after we got to know the boys more . We heard their plans for this year regarding recording new and old material..
“Full Length debut record from Seven Nines and Tens, We have nearly 20 songs that are on the longlist to make this record. I think we are going to record them all and include 12-15 for the record and release the rest as b sides.  We already tracked two songs – Abstruse Standards of Human Aesthetics and Retrograde Orbit and they are far and away the best sounding and well arranged thing we’ve done as a group.  You can hear the improvement that the 17 months of practicing and playing every show we could get between the last recording seasons has afforded us.”- Dave Cotton.
A few months later we give you exclusive details of a single on the edge of being mastered and made available for you all.
A.S.O.H.A (Abstruse Standards Of Human Aesthetics) is taken from the forthcoming album “Habitat 67” which is aimed to be released in July.
The single itself was written by Cotton/Heath/Roukema/Holloway/Macalik.
The track was engineered and mixed by Hayz Fisher at Factory Studios in November of 2010 through to Feb/March of this year. Mastered by Adam Veenendaal.
This track will be premiered on our blog when ready with updates to and when the album will be released.
In the mean time, get prepared and feel the anticipation of this single.

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