Seven Nines And Tens Single Countdown.

May 16, 2011
Steve Louie
 Almost a week ago we gave the exclusive news regarding the single and album details for our favourite Vancouver band Seven Nines and Tens, small recap below or refresh in its entirety here.
A.S.O.H.A (Abstruse Standards Of Human Aesthetics) is the new single taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Habitat 67” which is aimed to be released in July.
The single itself was written by Cotton/Heath/Roukema/Holloway/Macalik.
The track was engineered and mixed by Hayz Fisher at Factory Studios in November of 2010 through to Feb/March of this year. Mastered by Adam Veenendaal.
In just 24 HOURS we will not only be streaming this track you will also be able to find it over at their myspace and soundcloud.
Check back in a day’s time. The countdown has begun.

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