Fights and Fires- Proof That Ghosts Exist [Album Details]

May 16, 2011

. Testaments (1:00)
2. My Rusty (3:02)
3. You Can’t Say Slags On The Radio (3:20)
4. Shake It (3:13)
5. Borders (2:21)
6. Harder And Harder (2:00)
7. Fan The Flames (3:33)
8. Dirty Mouth (2:46)
9. Weight (3:14)
10. Death Adder (2:44)
11. Better Dreams (5:02)

‘Proof That Ghosts Exist’ is an album written about life experiences, setbacks, sticking to your dreams and enjoying life. Throughout the 11 tracks, the four piece have taken an honest approach to their song writing and have carefully crafted an album that will stand proud, alongside all melodic hardcore heavyweights. Recording took place at Studio Glasseye, Hatfield UK by Dan Lancaster in November 2010 and Mastered at West West Side Music, New York State USA by Alan Douches.

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