EIS: Battery Acid Audio [Compilation]

April 17, 2011
 Back in January we featured a fucking awesome compilation titled Wax Wound from the ever growing successful  Exploding in Sound; your comprehensive source for all things rock. The one man marvel behind this site backed fully with our support offers you various compilations/mixtapes of pure delight. Featuring many of the bands mentioned on here.
 Once more EIS do provide.
 Exploding In Sound is honored to announce BATTERY ACID AUDIO and it’s immaculate line-up including …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Steve Brodsky (Cave In), Adebisi Shank, Marnie Stern, Hammer No More The Fingers, Guards (featuring Cults), Bad Books (Manchester Orchestra + Kevin Devine), Amplifier, Hawk Eyes (formerly Chickenhawk), Weekend, and many more [full tracklist below]. Waste no more time, DOWNLOAD NOW. Please play this compilation at a high volume for maximum results.  Exploding In Sound are dedicated to bringing you the best in new music, it’s up to you to listen.

1.       …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Summer of All Dead Souls
2.       Marnie Stern – Transparency is the New Mystery
3.       Guards – Sail it Slow (feat. Cults)
4.       Steve Brodsky – Sometimes
5.       J Mascis – Is It Done
6.       Bunny’s A Swine – I Should Have Left the Bushes Hours Ago
7.       Hawk Eyes (formerly Chickenhawk) – Scorpieau
8.       Adebisi Shank – International Dreambeat
9.       Mini Mansions – Kiddie Hypnogogia
10.   Hammer No More The Fingers – Leroy
11.   Tijuana Panthers – Creature
12.   Weekend – Coma Summer
13.   Ten Kens – Grass Master
14.   Tidal Arms – Social Landlord
15.   Pride Parade – Sweetness and Light
16.   Shield Your Eyes – Too Little Has Been Good For The Soul
17.   Crystal Antlers – Little Sister (demo version)
18.   Jogging – Shape Up Shakedown
19.   Sherman Burns – Bones
20.   Markov – The Futile
21.   Drummers – Hearts
22.   Amplifier – Interglacial Spell
23.   Lavinia – Destroy Yourself
24.   Dogs Without Borders – The Faculty
25.   Bad Books – You Wouldn’t Have To Ask
26.   Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss – So Low She Rose
Streaming below and available as a free download via their bandcamp. Sharing is caring.

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