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The Peppermint Hunting Lodge| Kill A Tiger Or Die Trying

March 1, 2011

 Last year we featured all of the recording details regarding this EP release following our interview with Lodge’s noise merchant Gorey (and personally the best interview/feature to date) revisit that here- TPHL FEATURE PT.2

  • What was the bands approach to recording the debut ep?
  None of us could wait haha. We take as much effort getting our performances tight in the studio as we do over writing the songs themselves. We have taken a lot more time over these 3 songs and thought more about structure and dynamics and just making them sound “clever”. I think this is evidently reflected on the recording.

  •    Describe what we can look forward to
 A fucking brilliant set of songs (in my opinion). A well presented example of what 6 friends are capable of. Varied, refreshing, intelligent music that has had a lot of effort, thought and hard work (and beer) put into creating it. All accompanied by the production expertise of Mr. Tom Woodhead.
 Regarding the above quotes taken from that interview, the EP is now available for your pleasure on the worldwide web.

Get your copy now at any of these links-
A review of the 3 track EP will be created shortly for both Circuit Sweet and Altsounds but be sure to check it out first and continue to support local and deserving talent.

26.02.2011 performing at the 2 Pigs in Cheltenham with their latest material from the album ”Kill a Tiger or Die Trying’ Photos by Skye Portman.

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  • Reply Oli March 6, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    The effort and care really come through when you listen

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