RSD 11- Brew Records

March 10, 2011

 If your a big fan of the eminent Leeds based loveable label Brew, then yesterdays new announcement regarding Record Store Day may have already hit your eyes/ears and wallets, if it hasn’t and this is the first you are hearing about it, you’re in for a treat.
Brew Records has teamed up with Yorkshire’s legendary Dance to the Radio (¡Forward, Russia!, Holy State, Grammatics) to release a limited 10” vinyl split to coincide with Record Store Day 2011.
Leeds really does seem to be holding down the thought as the main city hurling out this alternative noise scene.
This new release highlights the Lust of this Leeds scene.
Dolphins/Blacklisters/Castrovalva/Hawk Eyes
From the straight up power hardcore rock n roll from Dolphins (ex This Et Al) to the expertly executed noise rock of Blacklisters, the noise hop of Castrovalva and the fantastically skewed, melodically-inventive Hawk Eyes (Chickenhawk’s new name), this is not a release for everyone. Those of a nervous disposition need not apply.
Dolphins – Escape // Blacklisters – Club Foot by Kasabian // Castrolvalva – Senorita // Hawk Eyes – Yes, have some
You can preorder that release now (Warning, theres only 300 copies and believe me they are going fast)

Preorder via Brew’s Bigcartel HERE.

Catch these acts on their current live dates:
Hawk Eyes:
15th April Hawk Eyes – Joseph’s Well – Leeds w/ Retox (The Locust, Some Girls)
17th April Rock City – Nottingham – Hit the Deck Festival
30th April London – Camden Crawl
21st May Liverpool – Soundcity Hub Festival
16th July 2000 Trees Festival, The Cave Stage
30th April LIVE AT LEEDS
1st May The Flapper, Birmingham
2nd May Riverside Retail Park, Wherry Road, Norwich
11th March The Tudor, Wigan
30th April LIVE AT LEEDS
1st May Camden Crawl @ The Camden Arms W/ These Monsters
Listen to Blacklisters Club Foot Here-

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