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Maybeshewill/ Long Distance Calling/ Aulos [LIVE REVIEW]

March 6, 2011
 Maybeshewill, the DIY instrumental 4 piece hailing from Leicester have just finished an intense 13 date tour beginning mid February in Germany and coming to a triumphant finale in London 3 days into the third month of the year, all alongside support from legendary German post rock band Long Distance Calling. The spring tour coinciding with Maybeshewills’ release of their second 7” taken from their forthcoming LP set for release in a few short months.

 Both band’s second night in the UK saw Cardiff’s renowned live venue Buffalo Bar open its doors on Friday 25th February to a night of purely  instrumental/progressive synthesis with further support from Hereford based 2piece Aulos.


 As the front of house music was slowly killed off an evolving wall of feedback took hold of the atmosphere, the nights performances had begun by the humbling mounting fortress of sound from opening band Aulos. Their set took hold of Cardiff in two parts, the first where the 2 piece who are currently previewing their debut EP “EP IC” at all live shows, created the sound made from bands with triple the amount of members. The guitarist held down their set with vibrant shreds, glistening amplitude, and a range of harmonious effects all aided with disco beats/blast beats and the occasional double kick. The second half of their set delivered a vast compelling direction, with an overall stronger performance which united the band with the audience, it was the last tracks of their set “Wolfcastle” and new “Killing A Unicorn” which had both musicians focusing their efforts on drums whilst battling a gameboy in a high tech drums vs. gameboy track. This highlighted the strong workmanship and creativity of the band as they came to a blazing finish.

Long Distance Calling

 Long Distance Calling shortly took to the raised stage. The post rock 5 piece hailing from Munster, Germany surprisingly had quite a large fan base rack up support at this venue. The quintet can be compared to that of an Isis/Mogwai lovechild. Delivering over half an hour of a varied back catalogue that stretches over their 5 year reign and 4 strong releases. They too were touring on behalf of their forthcoming fifth release self titled LP, and when previewing the newer tracks you can instantly hear a much more stronger direction, the newer tracks within the set adding a more atmospheric touch to the deliverance. Each track provided a deep sound fused with ongoing crescendo’s and meandering melodies. The band do have that “metal” edge which was foreseen in forceful fervent riffs pushing above the dense double kicks.
 The band recently announced they prefer their live shows in the UK due to the attention the audience pays to their music. And when looking around the venue it was clear they could manage to captivate the crowd. The only weakness throughout the set, when playing their older tracks, each track containing monumental build ups seemed to occupy flat finishes which took away the atmosphere created with such longing journeys. But despite the deficiency in some endings, overall the band shone through as a strong professional act holding melodic sonic texture, an act others may find impossible to follow on stage afterwards.

This wasn’t the case for Maybeshewill.

 Consisting of James Collins on drums, John Helps- guitar, Robin Southby -guitar and Jamie Ward -bass. Maybeshewill have been working hard now for over 5 years together as the band have developed from a self releasing bedroom group to an album phenomena. They seem to still be a somewhat underground band, but predominantly you’ve all heard of them, the support the 4 guys have earned is something of an achievement.


 As they graced their headline set they each stood strong and gathered momentum. The entire set running along an infinite run of samples; from piano-esque backing tracks to gentle glockenspiel softening the tracks, to an entire movie monologue sample. With a strong comparison to Sheffield based instrumental band 65 days of static. MSW delivered a smooth yet incredibly moving act. With tracks such as “The Paris Hilton Sextape” enticing the audience into a false sense of security, with shimmering riffs your lead to believe this is a mellower track but this soon becomes a very heavy composition. Full on phat ear pelting chords digress the motion into a more dense collective noise. Throughout their 45minute headline slot the band proved their ability to shift dynamics within each track, flirting between moving crescendos to heavy and short blast beats. Showcasing both old tracks and the brand new single release “Critical Distance” which uplifted the set with its deep and sincere approach, elevating guitars in keeping with the delectable melodiousness they manage to impel.
  The band closed the melodic evening to an heroic finale with their anthem-like notorious track “Not For Want Of Trying” which features the sampling of the Howard Beale monologue from Network. They truly portrayed musical emotional intensity at its best.

 Maybeshewill seem to carry a nerdy tagline, but once you’ve seen what the 4 men are capable of doing live, I beg to differ. The fact that you can see a band enjoy what they are doing and to see them connect with their audience has something within itself. When your listening to a composition and then watching that being performed and witnessing that creation have an impact on someone is quite a powerful feeling for any musician, and to see the band enjoy what they are doing so much that its not just the audience that are captivated, it’s the musicians too, that’s what works for this band.
A must see moving instrumental momentum.

Listen to Critical Distance here-
Critical Distance by RobotNeedsHome
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