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Limbs- Posthumous EP

March 4, 2011
Name your price. Track 3- Super Uplifting.
This has been a growing experience musically between friends, and I feel confident that we are leaving things with the best example of what we were capable of.

A sincere thank you to everyone that’s shown an interest in this endeavor and offered advice, critique, assistance, and their ears. Sometimes we get caught up in the process of all of these things we spend so much time doing, and it’s good friends that can bring you back to Earth.
Released 13th March 2010.
All songs written by Limbs.
Limbs consist of Chris Pressler man about percussion. Oisin O’ Brien man about guitar. Tommy Orza man about bass and Jeff Stultz vocals and guitar.

Recorded & Produced by Jeff Stultz
Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering NYC
Cover photograph by Oisin O’Brien

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