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Introducing: Forget The Times

February 14, 2011

 So you find yourselves on the hunt for something that has the power to overwhelm your mind, thrive from eccentric jams, an experimental junkie looking for a little jazz beats and ultimate math indulging in improvised music, introducing Forget the Times a free improv/noise rock intensifying band out of Kalamazoo, MI.

Individually talented; together volatile.

 The experimental noise band who only formed in June of last year, have just released their first album ‘Escape From The Planet Of Llamas’. 
The album itself is available on cassette through a fairly fresh label gaining quite a reputation, Already Dead. 
 Streaming below you can listen to the album in its entirety via FTT’s bandcamp. Showing no signs of stopping, there is a followup vinyl release to their debut album expected in March/April.

Coddle your senses when you embark on this adventurous album. Mood shifting, sound shifting, energetic tentative vivacity. No nonsense break beats accompanied with driving notes. Knocking out serial sound in a post-whatever genre. Post-rock breaking at the edges of this wall of oscillating perpetual freelance noise.

 “It is the part where everyone is making up everything on the spot and everyone is completely lost in the music.The goal of the band at each show is to hit that space and stay in it as long as possible.” – Sean Hartman (Arts Interview)

Find out more about Forget the Times, their debut release and a long list of live shows on their facebook HERE 

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