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LoOmis- A Solitary Attraction

January 10, 2011
 LoOmis an Experimental Lo Fi Mathy Indie Rock solo recording project hailing from New Orleans.
A Solitary Attraction is the 3rd full length album written and recorded by Patrick Bailey, guitarist for New Orleans based instrumental band Smiley With A Knife.
I have been following this band for sometime but had no idea this was just one man. One musician making the sounds of an outfit of creative musicians, always impressive.
 LoOmis is influenced by such favourite blog acts as Tera Melos, Don Caballero, and Mogwai. But adding melodic and layer upon layer of vocals and sound, Patrick is doing his own thing.
 You can download his 3rd album (free or donate anything) and also check out his two previous albums on his bandcamp page.
 Become a fan and keep up to date with the latest from LoOmis via facebook HERE.

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