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Enemies EP Freebies.

January 6, 2011

Any Circuit Sweet fan could have established by now that I dig Irish instrumental band Enemies.
And now here’s your chance to own their tracks for absolutely nothing.
Seriously check these guys out, their latest album We’ve Been Talking made several featured artists top 10 and top 5 releases of last year.

You can download their 2 track EP  which was released April 09, Bits Of Parrots // Feed Me Seedless here-

 Generosity isn’t stopping these guys as they are also offering their 5 track release Alpha Waves, released march 2008 again for free at their bandcamp here-

Signed to the Richter Collective, as previously blogged and booking many dates for this year including UK support for Japanese Alt Jazz mindfuckers Mouse On the Keys (also a must see live), keep these Enemies very close to your heart, mind and ears. And be sure to follow them throughout 2011, this is a band that will continue to grow and amaze.

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