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Clay Statues FREE SHIT (V1)

January 6, 2011
Photo Belongs to Clay Statues

 Every month this year Clay Statues will be giving away a “Free Shit EP” to a limited number of people. There will be some old Statues tunes, some new demos, some live tracks and maybe even some cool ass covers. 

 The first “Free Shit EP” is happily being shared from Statues via Circuit Sweet straight to you if you missed out on their facebook appeal the first time around. Share to friends, colleagues, family whoever, just spread the love from the duo.


Here’s a run down of the tracks:

– (Your Name Is) Jim: Title taken from Star Trek, meaningless punk song with silly lyrics, turned out to be a great choon live. Retired this song after Mavis left the band. It was recorded in Nick Geakes shed in Cwmaman.

– The Colossus: Written after reading the Sylvia Plath novel of the same name. My personal favourite song to play live, very chaotic. Retired after Mavis left. Recorded in Swansea with Burky just after we did the now legendary (but shit) EP ‘When I Was Your Age Pluto Was Still Still A Planet.

– Droids (Sexy Studio Version): Here’s the much talked about big-ass version of Droids. Recorded along with Paramedic for the Covert Subvert: Vol 1 compilation, this will be the song that everyone remembers. Lyrics compiled of various phrases from movies (“Golly, these kids can dance!” – Grease), tune written in 5mins in my Mother’s bedroom. Recorded by Todd Campbell in SKWAD HQ in August 2009 (I think).

– Paramedic (Sexy Studio Version): Track two in a proper classy studio, note the auto tune and harmonies. It’s how this song was meant to sound. Written about slaggy women from Aberdare, title taken from a drunk women covered in blood asking for one, the “When the walls are closing in, it’s closing time again” is one of my favourite lyrics. Recorded the same time as Droids.

– Kill The Body And The Head Will Die: Track one of the planned-and-aborted Eastern Bloc Winter EP (Shelved after Mavis left), quotes from Network. Sporadically put back in the set and retired since Mavis left. Recorded in Burky’s house in Swansea/Cardiff late 2009.

– Eastern Bloc Winter: Track two of the aformentioned EP, just a poem sung/screamed over a 10-a-penny tune but I enjoyed playing it live. Favourite lyric was always “Nothing more cowardly than a man pleading to God”. Retired after Mavis left.

The last two tracks make up a bit of a story together with Home from Yay, Volcano! and the song Lover (off out forthcoming new EP) — complete the collection and you get the bonus level.

The quality differs from track to track, some are a bit rough but they’re part of our history. Volume 2 will follow.

 Thank you from the Bass provider Dorian Holmes for providing us with this.
For those of you already aware of the band add this suprise to your collection.

You can become a fan of these guys on facebook and enter yourself into their second appeal for more free shit HERE.

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