Rad Releases ’10- Seven Nines and Tens//Hidden Towers

December 24, 2010

 Way back right at the beginning of September we did a feature on A Five piece Post-rock, Progessive, Shoegaze band from Vancouver Canada which you can check out here and listen to a few tracks – http://circuitsweet.blogspot.com/2010/09/seven-nines-and-tens-feature.html . Since then we have stayed close with the members and featured SNAT’s guitarist Dave’s new outfit Hidden Towers, that feature can also be found here- http://circuitsweet.blogspot.com/2010/11/hidden-towers-feature.html

So as counted friends and regularly featured artists, we were lucky enough to have a rad releases 2010 post by Dave Cotton Seven Nines and Tens/ Hidden Towers and Jonathan Holloway of Seven Nines and Tens (Guitar, Samples, Keys. )Here is their top 5 releases of the year.

Jonathan Holloway:

1. Gifts From Enola – Gifts From Enola


2. Oceansize – Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up

3. Deftones – Diamond Eyes

4. Autolux – Transit, Transit

5. Intronaut – Valley of Smoke

Dave Cotton: My best of 2010

1. Torche- Songs for Singles

 I’ve been listening to Torche since at least 2007 but I never really connected with their self titled record.  Same thing with 2nd album Meanderthal. Then one day my Limey buddy Nicolas posted a video on facebook of Steve from Torche showing viewers how to play one of their songs.  From what I can gather, he tunes to the first five strings on his guitar to drop A, which is pretty hefty BUT then he tunes the bottom string a full octave down to a drop A from the 5th string which is drop A.  That is absolute madness.  Its heavier than led.  Anyways, “songs for singles” is the perfect union of pop smarts
and gods balls heavy riffage.  

Favourite Song- UFO

2. Oceansize- Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up

 I think this record is my number one for the year.  I love the hell out of the way Oceansize blend post rock, prog rock, and alt rock together.  Its not a completely alien idea to blend post rock with fairly conventional alternative rock, yet it consistenly floors me when I hear bands like this and
Junius do it so well.  The arrangements on this record are pristine and expansive and the veteran band execute them with a cohesiveness that reflects their decade of playing together.

Favourite Song- Silent Transparent

3. Cave In – Anomalies Volume 1 and 2

 Boston’s favorite “Sonic Deathwall” put out two records this year featuring lost gems and some live tracks from the underrated “Antenna” and “Perfect Pitch Black” era’s. Great to see legendary tracks like “inflatable dream” get a proper release.  The stage banter from the live material provides a glimpse into the topical orgin’s of the songs and one even features rough draft lyrics. I swear to god I thought the song “droned” was about theirtime on Major Label titan Rca, stage banter (not sure if it was tongue in cheek) would indicate otherwise.  New full length “white silence” drops in 2011!

Favourite Song- Joy Opposites

4. Alcest- Ecailles De Lune

 Alcest: black metal meets shoegaze sung in entirely in french.  Upon first listen, I simply just didn’t “get it.” HOWEVER, I had my iphone playing on random and all of a sudden Alcest track “Solar Song” starts playing.
This song is on par with “Silver” (one of the best metalgaze tracks ever recorded) by Jesu and that is really saying something.  Although Alcest does tread the worn ground of Jesu, there are just too few bands doing this style and you simply can’t deny the strength of the melodies.  The vocal sections to me signify an obvious black metal influence which is not my first genre choice but I feel they do compliment the music.

Favourite Song- Solar Song 

5. Intronaut- Valley of Smoke

 Intronaut gets played a TON in the seven nines and tens camp.  We happened to get rather obsessed with their previous stunning full length “Prehistoricisms” right around the time pre release promotion for the 
new record was starting.  Needless to say, we were excited.  Intronaut to me are sitting very comfortably in the throne of post metal as their balance of musicianship and songwriting chops is to me without equal.
It was cool to see the various studio video diarys released in intervals around the record release time which eventually revealed that the record is a concept piece about the bands homebase of L.A.  Also, very funny to see the various posts on facebook from the members talking about how awesome the most recent Creed “shreds” video is.  It is THAT good.  So is this record.

Favourite Song- Elegy, Above, or Miasma

Whats in store for me in 2011?

 North By North East Festival in Toronto with Hidden Towers in June.  
Vancouver Island shows with Hidden Towers in January.
Full Length debut record from Hidden Towers in mid 2011.  I just just just received some rough mixes from engineer Cody Clark and they are MASSIVE sounding.  Be on the lookout for the record release date.
Full Length debut record from Seven Nines and Tens We have nearly 20 songs that are on the longlist to make this record. I think we are going to record them all and include 12-15 for the record and release the rest as b sides.  We already tracked two songs – Abstruse Standards of Human Aesthetics and Retrograde Orbit and they are far and away the best sounding and well arranged thing we’ve done as a group.  You can hear the improvement that the 17 months of practicing and playing every show we could get
between the last recording seasons has afforded us.
Aside from that, I’m buying some NEW FUCKING GEAR THIS YEAR. I’ve been playing with a busted up amp and guitar for what seems like forever and this year I’m going to do some fine tuning.
 Listen to Aulos people and respect the Circuit Sweet and head sweetness Naomi 🙂  Thank you!
We wish the boys the best of luck with what they get up to next year.
Stay closer to Seven Nines and Tens HERE. And the same with Hidden Towers HERE.
 We will bring you more news from both camps next year.

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