Rad Releases ’10- Divorce Party

December 22, 2010

a. misiak

Back in October, we featured the band Divorce Party the noizefucking band from Ypsilanti, Michigan. For our end of year special we spoke to the guys again to find out what their favourite releases of the year were and what the band have to offer in 2011.

Our releases are:

1. Micachu and the Shapes – ‘Jewellery’ (Rough Trade) (Released in 2009 but we listened to it a lot this year)

2. Daughters – S/T (Hydra Head)

3. Logan Seguin – SS-VNTRX 34000 (Foxy Digitalis)


4. Puberty – Gallon Glass (Skrot Up)

Free Download!!

5. Rodent – Pink Chanthems (Self-Released)

Our plans for 2011 are Recording, writing, playing shows, getting any of our fans laid, and loving college.

We will be releasing brand new recordings toward the end of January.

Looking forward to hearing the new recordings. You can check out Divorce Party’s previous interview and tracks here http://circuitsweet.blogspot.com/2010/10/divorce-party-feature.html and become a fan of the guys and keep tracks on what their up to via their facebook page HERE.

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