Rad Releases ’10- Clay Statues

December 21, 2010

Continuing on from The Peppermint Hunting lodges Top 5 releases of this year. I have asked another favourite featured musician on Circuit Sweet what were their personal best top 5 releases of this year. And what do we get to look forward to from them in 2011. This post is Welsh legendary unconventional drum and bass act Clay Statues.

I spoke to one of the two Doz’s to find out about the bass beating’s future plans and current musical choices.
My top 5 choices are:
1. Killing Joke- Absolute Dissent
2. Crystal Castles-II
3. Crass- Feeding of The 5000 (Reissue)
4. Pulled Apart By Horses- S/T
5. Manic Street Preachers- Postcards From A Young Man
All of these releases have helped me in a special way throughout this year after listening to them.
In 2011, Clay Statues will release the ultra top secret 2nd EP “A Town On The Edge Of The World” and hopefully a few more releases on top of that.
 A few more scars, a couple of tattoos, too many miles to mention, and some damn good parties!

 So after a crazy year including touring with The Damned and supporting Reef 2010 draws a close to the Statues but be sure to follow their onward success in the new year, keep tabs on the twosome here-http://www.myspace.com/claystatues

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