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December 28, 2010

Circuit Sweet 2010 Year review and top 5 releases by aulosband

 So after many rad releases of 2010 posts thanks to our featured musicians (I think we are still waiting on a few more, so its not over yet), I decided due to only have a few days of this year left that I needed to do my own rad releases.

 So excusing the mic quality, above is a podcast with a brief run through of the releases in the past 12 months, the releases that didn’t quite make my final top 5 but deserved a shout out. My favourite single (which is only on physical so you can find that here- )

 The podcast includes 5 tracks taken from each of my top 5 and a few more suprises, just bare with the mic sound.

This is Circuit Sweets 2010 year review and top 5 releases.

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