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Release The Bats.

November 1, 2010
 Hmv forum Kentish Town London. A night that was orginally ment for Battles, before the news that Tyondai was to leave, leaving the band unable to perform across seas at short notice. The opening spot made a complete turn around for ATP and release the bats was now the night for Tweak Bird, Factory Floor, Beak>, Polvo, Liquid Liquid and The Field.
Already quite a fan and inspired by the work of Tweakbird and Polvo I was very excited to see them live.
Tweak Bird opened the night with a half hour set and honestly, they set the god damn standards for the night. And those standards were pretty unreachable for the rest of the acts following. Infact The bands following couldn’t see the standards that had been so far set.
Tweak Bird gave a truley awesome show, their look, their timing, their harmony, the way the two piece worked together and with their session saxophone player. The drum beats and fills were right on and the sound was nothing less of phat. These guys back home are already playing to stadium sized audiences, and they deserve it.
I recommend these guys to anyone, if you dig what I post you will dig these dudes guaranteed.
 Unfortunetly the band that followed such a great first act was Factory Floor. It seems its who you know. For a band playing such a sweet venue on an ATP listed night and having a good slot and 45minutes to perform infront of many, it wasn’t disapointment I was feeling from this band, it was a feeling of disgust. They were unprofessional and just lacked anything that could be found inspirational or imaginative. It was a very unimpressive set. I understood what this 3 piece (well one man and a mac making digital drumsounds, a live drummer and a singer? who if you wanted a violin sound might be best to have purchased one and not a guitar you barely touched) were trying to achieve but it really just didn’t work. The mood set from the opening act was just incredible and I wanted the atmosphere from that to remain but Factory Floors live set was just dragging it down. It was a shame. Personal Preference and that but I really can’t come close to suggesting anyone to listen to this. But each to their own.

 Following these guys was Beak> a mellow set, very tame and tiring of the night . But we were holding out to catch Polvo live.
Polvo hail from Chapel hill, North Carolina. The american band formed in 1990, released several albums and seperate 7″ and even made an appearance in cult roadmovie half cocked. Before disbanding after a fairwell tour in 1998. It wasnt until 10 years later that ATP asked the band to consider reforming for their festival that they bought Polvo back to life with a new drummer. 
Their album “In Prisms” I consider to be one of my favourites mainly for the track “Beggars Bowl”. Performing this live last night bought a mixture of feelings. I was happy to be seeing a track very commonly played being played live right in front of me but the guitarist wasnt really taking the track very seriously which kinda dampened the whole experience. Never the less, I got to see this band perform their set live and I’m glad I didn’t miss out.
But really the true heroes for the night was indeed Tweak Bird, the last night of their european dates and they really did give it their all. It was so impressive and other bands should learn from these guys. Musicians need to catch this band live at any future dates they book.
Keep up to date with this band on their website here- http://www.tweakbird.com/

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