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Pyramid of the Sun.

November 19, 2010
 Today Maserati’s Pyramid of The Sun LP Arrived.
This is the newest album from the somewhat legendary instrumental post-rock outfit and the final recordings of the late Jerry Fuchs.
This LP is nothing more than a sentimental explosion of all things experimental and unique.
A true fitting for Fuchs legacy to continue. This album truly means so much. Maserati should be very proud.
Go out and get this NOW.
Below Jeremy deVine (Temporary Residence, LTD) Discusses Jerry Fuchs’ life, death, and the aftermath for Maserati.

Once in a very long while, events happen that give pause to our lives. Last year, the passing of  Maserati drummer Jerry Fuchs was one such occasion. Jerry Fuchs was a man who dazzled just about every person he came in contact with, and he was one of the best drummers of our time. When he met his untimely end on November 8, 2009, most everyone took notice, but the post-rock community froze. With the drum tracks Fuchs had recorded for their new record on hand, Maserati had some tough choices to make. What would be the best way to honor their dearly departed friend? The record in question, Pyramid of the Sun, is out today–almost one year to the day of Jerry Fuchs’ passing. Jeremy deVine sheds some light on what it took to get from then to now in this moving interview.

Break Time With SSG: Jeremy deVine Discusses Maserati and Jerry Fuchs by SeattleShowGal

Jerry was an icon and his efforts have reached so many, the past year has taken too many icons for me personally Jerry was one of them but I believe this is such a fitting tribute. 

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