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November 13, 2010

During october 2010, inspired by National Novel Writing Month, an idea was set up for any music lovers, not just musicians to create a full album, 36 minutes or more in length, in one month. 

The rules of the project were as follows
  • To create one full album (of original material) from song writing and arrangement to production, mixing and mastering in the month of October.  
  • You are not allowed to start writing the album before October 1st, and you must finish by October 31st.
  • The album must be at least 36 minutes in length. 
  • You pledge to share your finished project with everyone that completes the challenge. You are encouraged, but not required, to share works in progress.
People worldwide participated including many well known bands including circuit sweet favourite Giraffes? Giraffes!
This post was G?G!’s incredible effort.

Released 9th November 2010
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Joseph Andreoli.
Mastered by Ken Topham. 


Also Released 9th November 2010
“Synesthesia” is a collection of sounds, recorded by Ken Topham and several collaborators, arranged into musical pieces, representing audio interpretations of types of scents. The collaborators were given a list of scents from which to choose and interpret into sound. These sounds were arranged, accompanied, edited, and produced by Ken Topham at Beef Studio during the month of October, 2010.

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