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As We Sink! pt.2 interview.

November 9, 2010
The final installment for As We Sink! (for now anyway)..
Back in September we did a little feature on the 3 piece punkrock band, about their involvement with Lockjaw Records and their debut release with the promise to hear back following their current tour.
You can check out that post here-

In the mean time heres the latest news from the guys when Circuit Sweet checked in with them to find out tour gossip and future plans.

Firstly regardless to how your sound is described by others,
how would you best describe As We Sink’s Sound?

– I guess we just write songs that we would like to listen to, so we would hope that it is reminiscent of some of our favourite bands such as The Flatliners, The Lawrence Arms, A Wilhelm Scream, Bane, Strike Anywhere, La Dispute and Comeback Kid.
You’ve just completed a tour with Rat Attack, how did
that go? did you have a favourite defining tour moment whilst with the lads, any gossip?
– The tour itself was very successful, even though we had a few cancellations. It was such a good experience to travel around the country playing our music, and hopefully getting our name out a bit more.
A defining moment? Probably when our good friend Nathan decided that on one of the first nights of tour it would be a good idea to climb a phone box, which ended in him having very bruised coccyx and a large gash in his bum cheek for the rest of the tour. Oh and also Casey (merch/massesuse/vegan/security/cameraman) managing to fall asleep everytime we tried to “party”. One night we had to pack him away in the van, like broken piece of equipment. He managed to squeeze into the footwell of the back of the van, and with him being rather tall was quite amusing to come back to later in the night.

What has been your most memorable gig to date and why?

– It has got to be playing with Landmines and Jeff Rowe this September, (definitely worth the rum hangover) or playing with TRC, Lower Than Atlantis, Take Courage, Rat Attack and our bezza mates Dead Poets.

What do your live shows capture?
– This is a hard question to answer without sounding like a representative of! In our shows we want to make sure everyone has a good old sing along with each other, and hopefully bring people together to make new friends, and enjoy our music.

Speaking gear!- Have you got a piece of equipment that’s
become a custom to your everyday band life?

– Chris’s van (which has currently been hurt so bum-gash-boy is lending us his) without a doubt. Not only does it enable us to tour and carry our full kit, but with a little bit of work we also managed to make it into a comfy home-away-from-home when we’re on the road.  

Any major gear issues whilst on the road?
– Chris always breaks his bass stuff, and Joe has a tendency to leave parts of his drum kit at venues, which makes further shows a bit tricky, but we always manage to “hustle” enough equipment to play.

Whilst on tour is there anything you have to take with you, alcohol,
lucky charm, favourite record, most loved guitar?
– Our friends, who manage to always get the time off their busy work schedules to join and support us on tour. As a group item, we must all have our travelling vests on at all time while on the road. Other essential items include Sam’s neck pillow, which enables him to sleep 88% of the day. Chris likes to have clean clothes and anti-histamine (boring). Joe likes to have DJ responsibilities and to take control of the Sat-nav. 

If you had the choice of playing any venue, which would it
be and why?

– Anywhere we haven’t yet been – we really enjoy travelling, meeting new bands, people and promoters. We’re constantly on the look out for new places to play.

How did you guys get involved with Lockjaw Records?

– We were emailing people to try and get a split put out with Donnie Brasco, and Lockjaw were not only willing but very enthusiastic to help us. They have been really supportive, and very pro-active in helping us.

Finally what’s next for as we sink?

– As many shows as we can possibly play. Anywhere, with anyone. We want to tour as much as we can and be heard as much as possible. We’re also keen to get recording again soon with some new stuff we have in the pipeline. 
Keep up to date with AWS and check out more here. 
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