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October 22, 2010
 Seeing yours, and more importantly your closest friends endless hardwork and accomplishments over a very long and trying year recieve their dreams onto their own discs is a truley incredible feeling.
I am honoured to even have a mention let alone name ON THE EP and for that I am very grateful. LIFE=COMPLETE.
Opening the box full of AULOS’ epz was another very proud moment. I’m very excited for the merchandise delivery to follow.
The entire aulos effort to date has solely been totally self funded which makes it more special, we all individually put it a lot of work in different ways and to see others enjoy it as much as we do, to reach people with the music pays off.
The EP is released November 15th and will be available at gigs and online here- 
Please keep up this support, next month will be a very big moment for us all.
Personally I would love nothing more than to share this with my grandad, a true fan and music lover. For me, this is for you.

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