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Divorce Party FEATURE.

October 14, 2010
 A few weeks back in a previous post I discovered the Mindfucking sounds of Divorce Party. Divorce Party hail from Ypsilanti, Michigan.
 A blend of Guitar, bass, drums, and vocals sung through effects heaven- a tape recorder running through delay, distortion, kaossilator, you name it.
You can get their EP for free from their bandcamp, you can check those mouthwatering mathrock tracks at the bottom of this page. 
Circuit Sweet was lucky enough to have an interview with this rad band and its an entertaining one at that…
  • How did Divorce Party come about?
Divorce Party happened after our previous band, north?, stopped happening. Also, we’ve been good friends with Mike (from Puberty) for years and thought we’d give vocals a shot. Mike’s super good at sound manipulation and was doing some awesome stuff with his voice in Puberty and Laserbeams of Boredom so we decided to have fun together.
  • Is their a story behind the band name?
Thought it was funny and thought it would be a cool band name. I also used to work with someone who had a Divorce Party… but her exhusband lived across the street from her. 
  • I can hear a lot of zach hill and tera melos but What/who are the bands musical influences?
A lot of stuff really… we all have different influences, but I guess some parallel eachother… if I had to name a few for this band specifically it might include Daughters, The Locust, Yowie, and The Naked Brothers Band
  • What is your live set up like, describe your rig for the gearnerds?
We use a guitar, bass, drums, and mike.
  • How is the reaction and response to your live performances?
Mixed. Either really good or nothing.
  • What is your drive for the band, and how do you feel it should be best percieved?
Music. Sex. Alcohol. Boobs.
  • Are you all trained in the physics of circuit bending and modifying the majority of your possesions to create your noisefucking sound?
Mike has done some circuit bending with Puberty. Him and our friend Garrett would circuit bend children’s toys for live shows. As for this band, we haven’t involved any circuit bent equipment but Mike does all the weird effects with his pedals and sings into broken headphones. we also play britney spears in the background. And Metallica’s version of “On The Road Again.”
  • How has the band changed your personal life?
It’s definitely become more of a priority. 
  • Whats the future holding for divorceparty, more eps? world domination?
World domination, full length album, and hopefully expanding our sound and (hair) style.
  • What album or track has been stuck on you turntable, ipod, cd player for a while now?
  • Random band fact– Ryan is left-handed and plays the guitar upside down with the strings in the right handed position.
and fuck yeah divorce party are opening for AIDS WOLF next week in detroit.
Here is the bands EP, get it for freee and crank it <a href="">Divorce Party EP by Divorce Party</a>
You can keep up to date with this band by hittin up their myspace HERE.

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