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As We Sink! pt1.

September 10, 2010

As We Sink! are a 3 piece punkrock band with edge. Hurtling from Cornwall, South west of England. Consisting of: Joe Prudames- Drums, Sam Ratcliffe- Vocals/ Guitar, Chris Ratcliffe- Bass..

Influences include: Against me!, Strike Anywhere, Propaghandi and Comeback Kid to name but a few. As We Sink! have only been hitting the radar over the past few months, but time seems to be nothing to these lads who are already gaining a huge following, playing some rad shows and getting their name known.

The band are involved with Worcester based label Lockjaw Records, as previously posted. July this year saw the split release of AWS! and labelmates Donnie Brasco, titled Split it up. AWS! Deliver a forceful, direct and dramatic performance to this record.
Make sure you give this band a listen. Recently gigged with Pulled Apart By Horses, their tracks are showing why this band are the next ones to keep your eyes on.

Any Record Collector digs a good split. Heres a homegrown one. You can pick the New limited edition blue 7″ including download, and find out more about Donnie Brasco on the lockjaw site here.

You can catch the guys at any of these following shows during their eight date tour with Lockjaw Record’s own Rat Attack which has just commenced

  • 12/9/10 Plymouth, White Rabbit with Rat Attack, TRC, Lower Than Atlantis and loads more.
  • 15/9/10 Swindon, 12 Bar, With Rat Attack, Cold Harbour and Staring at the Sun.
  • 16/9/10 Taunton, Roadhouse with Rat Attack and Fights and Fires.
  • 21/9/10 Truro, Wig and Pen with Failsafe and Straight Lines.
  • 23/9/10 Plymouth, Skiving Scholar with Landmines.

Following this tour we will be speaking to the lads to find out more about their on the road tales, talk gear, their involvement with LJR and more. So Keep checking back for As We Sink! Pt 2.

For now get your head round As We Sink! and take a good listen HERE.

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