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Andy Hull | Summer Demos

September 25, 2010

Andy Hull, commonly recognized as the singer from Manchester Orchestra almongst many of his other musical ongoing projects.
Andy Hull has been a busy man the last several months. He has been on and off the road playing spot dates with Manchester Orchestra, started a new band and recorded an album along with Kevin Devine and the other members of Manchester Orchestra,and has been writing and recording Manchester Orchestra’s much anticipated third full length album. Somewhere in the middle of all of that he has still found the time to write and record other demos on his own and decided to share one such demo..
The song is titled “Fresh Start Booze” and was recorded in his garage on his iphone
This man has the ability to strike a chord on any emotion. His sincerity and honesty sets him apart from others classed as similar.
You can download this free stunning song by submitting your email address above.

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