Circuit Sweet Introducing


August 9, 2010

A Denvergreen, Colorado 4piece. Psych Noize Rock Jamz band. Think pushing progressive to the max.
I have only recently, found this band coming to the top of my mixtapes and playlists but I’d like their explosive, feedback furious tracks to remain there.
With a 12″ on Firetalk, the label set up and run by Woodsman’s Trever Peterson. And having recently recorded their self titled LP due for release in September, which was recorded over the course of a week at Woodsman’s palace in Curtus Park. I think their LP should be snatched up and kept indenifetly in your timeless collection.

You can listen to some of their tracks from the forthcoming LP on their soundcloud. Listeningsforfree,buyingsforreals.

You can download their track Collider for free here.

Collider by Tjutjuna

If you dig Tjutjuna and still want more, head to their myspace here.

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